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Larry Chapin

Portland, MI, United States


This large House Finch has been seen on several occasions over a few weeks eating at the feeders and on the ground. It is larger than a normal finch, spends more time feeding, and is less active than normal sized House Finches.



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Large House FInch

Oversized House Finch

3 replies on “Large House FInch”

Stephanie Gerdes says:

I have one of these too! Much larger than the other finches at the feeder! I kept trying to identify it as another bird but it’s markings look too much like a finch!?! Mine is very similar to the size that you have pictured here. That’s funny.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi all, This may be a bird that’s puffed up its feathers, simply appearing larger than other House Finches. If it is not as active as the others, and spends more time eating, it’s possible that it may be sick. We advise cleaning your feeders regularly with a bleach solution. Learn more about diseases and how best to clean your feeders on our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases webpage.

Jane Charley says:

I saw a large, red smooth cap house finch this morning at my feeder for a short time. I know he wasn’t any part Cardinal because he didn’t have the Telltale crest on his head. I’m in Chester Co, PA

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