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Kristina Davies

Trenton, Quinte West, ON, Canada


this photo was taken in October 2011 in my yard feeder. This bird returned to my feeders for two years.


White Chickadee

4 replies on “white chickadee”

Lori Lee Anderson says:

White chickadee spotted at grape jelly feeder in New Ulm, MN. 06 02 20. Wow!

Eric says:

White chickadee spotted at feeders in northern NY

Lisa says:

I just saw a pure white chickadee…light grey chest and a bit darker grey cap….he’s absolutely pure white…a beauty at the feeder with all our other chickadees, nuthatches and junkos…various other visitors too.

Side note I saw my first Cardinal today as well!

La Broquerie Manitoba

S Sander says:

Ideas mostly white chickadee with gray strips at my feeder in West Seattle WA yesterday

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