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Robert Gooding

Greenwood, SC, USA


Red-winged Blackbird with white feathers on the left wing. Part of a small flock that began visiting the feeders a few days ago.


Leucistic birds

Red-winged Blackbird With White Feathers

Redwing Blackbird showing white feathers on left wing.

40 replies on “Red-winged Blackbird with white feathers”

Diana Greenhalgh says:

I saw one too 2/22/22 in WV it was with a redwing blackbird. I was wondering what was up with it.

Mary Meuzelaar says:

Some in Grand Rapids, too. Sometimes just a touch of red, but mostly white.

Mary R says:

Today, for the 1st time, a similar bird came to the feeder. It had a white stripe on its wing but when it flew off, I also saw orange (but can’t see the orange with wings closed). Is that likely a red-winged blackbird? Thanks!

Mary R says:

*additional comment to my March 31 post: This was in eastern KY near the southern WV border

Lynn says:

I just saw one in Goshen, CT. The white was quite noticeable, like the whole outside feather. The wing looked like it had been edged in white paint.

Moyfrid says:

I saw one in Humber Bay Park East in Toronto this morning. It had the regular red/yellow colourIng, and a white edge along the lower part of the wings which became more visible when it was flying.

Ava Johnson says:

I think that was most likely leucism. Leucism is the partial loss of pigments in the body.

Cathy M says:

Also saw in South Central Kansas today.

Sarah M says:

There was one at my feeder in Minneapolis Mn today. Only saw the right side but it was white along the edge. I have a photo but not sure how to add to my reply

Cathy F. says:

My husband and I saw two of these birds in Sevierville TN today.

Lori R says:

In central Ohio (near Dayton) we have them on our feeders too! It says they are tricolored blackbirds. Apparently there is red and even blue too, but not noticable when their wings are folded in.

Andi G says:

I have been seeing them at our bird feeder in Germantown MD for a few weeks. You see a white horizontal stripe and the red isn’t always visible when they are perched. I looked it up and agree that it is a Tri-colored blackbird. It fits the description. It has the white band and the red above when they are perched. They enjoy marshlands and irrigated farms. We live near a lake and creek.

Jane says:

I saw one of these in Elkhart, Indiana today

Linda D-Houston TX says:

One came to my suet feeder for several days in late April. Very aggressive to sparrows and other smaller birds who tried to feed on the suet. Did not just flick a wing or nudge them but after scaring the smaller bird off the feeder abandoned his meal and very aggressively pursued the bird in swift flight! Have never seen such aggression by any bird in my backyard.

Jennifer Kruchok says:

One in Salem Oregon on my feeder today

Phil says:

I have seen 2 of the redwing blackbirds with only the white stripe at our feeder here in Norton, Massachusetts

Philip says:

I have seen 2 of the redwing blackbirds with only the white stripe at our feeder here in Norton, Massachusetts

Philip S. says:

I have seen 2 of the redwing blackbirds with only the white stripe at our feeder here in Norton, Massachusetts

Sharon Zakrajsek says:

I just saw one on flat bird feeder. It was so unusual I did and internet search and found this place. I spotted in Concord Township (near Mentor) Ohio.

Karen says:

I just had one with 1 white tail feather at my feeder. Tried to get a picture but he flew off too quickly. Glad to hear other people have seen this. At first I thought he had poo on his tail. Ha ha ha.
I am in Southeast Wisconsin

Ava Johnson says:

He most likely was attacked by something and lost one of his tail feathers and it grew back white. At his next molt it should return to its normal color.

Carol Rappold says:

Saw a male redwing blackbird with a white feather on left side of its body here in Laingsburg, MI (near East Lansing, MI) today (7-4-22). First time I’ve seen one. Funny thing, too, is that today I saw a red squirrel with a very whitish tale, which is a first for me.

Sue Enghauser says:

Saw a red winged blackbird today with white bar.

Ava Johnson says:

Hello Robert, this is most likely leucism

Donna Glenn says:

January 25,2023, I saw two red winged black birds today, at my bird feeder,, I’m in Richmond, Virginia.i love feeding and observing the birds.Ive been in my home for 37 years, and I can honestly say, I have never seen this breed of bird before, they are are absolutely beautiful.One was more colorful than the other, so I’m wondering if I saw a male and female.

Jess C says:

I had at least 20 of these blackbirds at my feeder in central NJ with just a small white stripe on their wings. I was astounded how many there were that all looked exactly alike — not a drop of red on any of their wings to be seen! I don’t really understand it, because they all had the exact same white-only stripe. Does anyone have any more info on this exact derivation? Are they still considered redwing blackbirds?

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Jess, these birds with white patches in the photo have a form of leucism, where a patch of feathers can appear white or have no color. If you are seeing Red-winged Blackbirds with epaulets that appear white, they are most likely juveniles. During the breeding season, these can be bright red and yellow.

Bob Gietl says:

Had 22 at least of these at seed piles in my yard in Aden NY today!

K Mannello says:

Saw several at my feeder today. Holliston, MA

Ed D. says:

I just saw a red winged blackbird at my feeder in Dover PA 3/5/23. The book I have says they live year round in CA, but apparently that is wrong.

Ed D. says:

I wanted to edit my last comment, it was a tricolor blackbird

Cyndia S says:

Had 2 Whitewing Blackbirds at bird feeders today in north central Kansas. Have seen these out in the country with the Yellow wing Blackbirds but first time I have had in town at my feeders.

Thank you for your post! I wanted to clarify if I just saw a red-winged blackbird at our bird feeder…..and I did. First time with snow and a bird feeder in our backyard.

Christine says:

Saw one today in Sutton NH … the white against the black really caught my eye!

Linda K Patton says:

Saw one at my feeder on 5/7/23 and thought it night be a juvenile Red Winged Blackbird. Had the white wing stripe and some white streaks on the wing and back. That shows up in the picture you have if you look closely at the middle bird. Have seen many that have red and also yellow on the wings. Columbus, OH

Jeff Bylander says:

I’ve had one of these at my feeders the past week or so. Amery Wisconsin

Jennifer Soltis says:

We have one of these at our bird bath. In southeastern Wisconsin. And in Central Illinois

Jennifer Soltis says:

We have one of these at our bird bath. In southeastern Wisconsin, Pell Lake. And in Central Illinois, Rantoul

Honey. Adams says:

Saw one this morning in Sacramento, CA

Cris says:

Saw a ton today down in Blessing, TX. Came on to try and figure out why they look like that.

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