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Erica Alex

Minnedosa, MB, Canada


This Junco has been hanging around for about a week now. It is kind of ironic because this summer I saw a Junco up at Riding Mountain National Park that had a white tail as well.



White Tailed Junco

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  • maureen strongin says:

    I live in Thiells, NY and saw my first white tailed junco this morning at my feeder. Very pretty! I guess it is a male. There were others with some white feathers on the underside of the tail. I guess they are the females.

  • MFThieme says:

    We have white tailed juncos on our island home in Puget Sound, Washington. This post is the first mention of them I’ve seen, after a long search. Cool!!

  • Vyvyan Benlloch says:

    Hi Here I am in Malibu. Have had juncos, but was thrilled to have my first white tailed junco today. ?

  • Sue Cannon says:

    Me, too! All week I’ve had a white tailed junco feeding on our deck with the usual junco gang. I live on the hills of Honeoye Lake NY.

  • I just saw a gray slated Junco with a bright white tail for the first time a few minutes ago in my garden here in Lake Placid, NY….had to look it up to see if it was ill or a variation of some sort…nice to find out it was not an ill bird! πŸ™‚

  • Mark Graves says:

    Well … after years of watching juncos in the winter, this morning I see one with a pure white tail on our feeder in Marengo Illinois.
    Against the snow I cannot see it’s tail at all.

  • Lindy says:

    First white tailed Junco at our feeder. Pure solid white tail.

  • Mary says:

    Yes, I live in Iowa. I have juncos come every year from October to April since 2008,
    when we moved here.

    This is the first year we have seen 2 juncos with full white tail.

    Any feedback on the difference of this breed?

  • Holly Faulkner says:

    It’s fairly common for birds to have patches of white feathers. This is called partial albinism by some and leucism by others. Feel free to check out our article on this subject:
    -Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant

  • Mary says:

    Thank you, very interesting article.

  • Joy Hecht says:

    Just saw a white tailed junco on my back deck in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We have lots of juncos, but I never saw one with a white tail before.

  • Jim Showalter says:

    Juncos have just arrived back in my back yard near Minneapolis, MN. One of them has a completely white tail. We always have juncos around all winter long, but this the first one I have seen with an all white tail.

  • andree says:

    Had a full white-tailed junco.. see recent report on E-Bird Canada, have 3 pictures posted.. thanks to all of you.. who have posted observations..I, really needed your support..and thank you.. all of you for your continued observations..
    Cheers.. your comments.. are Indeed loyally and gratefully helpful..
    Your feedback,, is cherished. know that..

  • Andree says:

    thanks for your white-tailed comment.. appreciated

  • John says:

    11-15-18 Just saw my first white tailed junco on feeder- here in central Maryland.

  • Maureen says:

    I’m in Seattle and was astonished to see a white-tailed junco on the ground near my feeder this afternoon. Very grateful to find the information here!

  • Joe Szafran says:

    White tailed Junco is a daily feeder at my home in Pelham, N.H.

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