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Erica Alex

Minnedosa, MB, Canada


This Junco has been hanging around for about a week now. It is kind of ironic because this summer I saw a Junco up at Riding Mountain National Park that had a white tail as well.



White Tailed Junco

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  • maureen strongin says:

    I live in Thiells, NY and saw my first white tailed junco this morning at my feeder. Very pretty! I guess it is a male. There were others with some white feathers on the underside of the tail. I guess they are the females.

  • MFThieme says:

    We have white tailed juncos on our island home in Puget Sound, Washington. This post is the first mention of them I’ve seen, after a long search. Cool!!

  • Vyvyan Benlloch says:

    Hi Here I am in Malibu. Have had juncos, but was thrilled to have my first white tailed junco today. ?

  • Sue Cannon says:

    Me, too! All week I’ve had a white tailed junco feeding on our deck with the usual junco gang. I live on the hills of Honeoye Lake NY.

  • I just saw a gray slated Junco with a bright white tail for the first time a few minutes ago in my garden here in Lake Placid, NY….had to look it up to see if it was ill or a variation of some sort…nice to find out it was not an ill bird! 🙂

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