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Peg Runyan

West Branch, MI, United States


I shot this photo through my sun room window during a snowy day in northern Michigan. This image makes me smile, I imagine them planning what they are going to do for the day.

3 Chickadees On A Branch

There is nothing more common in northern Michigan than chickadees on a branch, but I find them beautiful and not a bit boring.

16 replies on “3 Chickadees on a Branch”

Olivia Gallagher says:

This is adorable! Awesome capture!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Olivia, they have to be one of the cutest birds ever.

Janice Berg says:

Sit here on this branch so that lady can take a picture of us and take the best picture ever.

Bravo, Peg! It’s adorable! A perfect Season’s Greetings card!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Tatsiana! Merry Christmas to you.

Well, well, well! A trio of chickadees singing christmas carols!!!
And I agree with Tatsiana! It’s the perfect christmas card! And and Outstanding Photo!!!!!!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks so much Omar!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Janice!

Rita Jubin says:

Good luck my vote for people’s choice! Such a sweet picture.

Gary Mueller says:

Exceptional! An ideal holiday scene.

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Gary!

Marie Lehmann says:

Awesome shot! It warms my heart.

Rustie says:

Peg that picture is beyond beautiful. They are my favorite little winter friends. May I save it?

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks so much Marie!

Pat says:

I’m so bummed, Peg. My Chickadees are few and far between down here in Ann Arbor and I suspect a Cooper’s Hawk is scaring them away from my feeders. My neighbor has more luck with them this year and i am so jealous. Lucky you! Beautiful picture.

Ruth Segler says:

I love your photo of my favorite birds! I was wondering if you would mind if I used it for a photo reference to paint? I paint on rocks. See my work at Ruth’s Rocks. On Facebook.

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