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Leisa Chasse

Glenwood, Volusia County, FL, United States


Bathing Beauties

AWARD WINNER: Category 2: People’ Choice

10 replies on “Bathing Beauties”

Angela Carbone says:

I love the interaction of the owls in the bath. You captured a wonderful moment.

Leisa Chasse says:

Thank you,

We had been seeing them in the trees together and there was a third one as well. Our security motion camera picked them up, ran to get my camera and blessed they remained there for at least 5 minutes allowing me to get some awesome pictures.

Ellyn says:

Spectacular, Leisa!!

Olivia Gallagher says:

Such an unusual bird to see in a birdbath, great catch!

Paula says:

This was a priceless moment to capture. <3

Leisa Chasse says:

Thank you.

Blessed with right place, right time.

Beverly Libaire says:

Wonderful photo

Theresa Nickels says:

How lucky you are to catch this pair! Nice Job!

Mary Spradling says:

I can’t believe you have owls in your birdbath! What a fantastic picture.

What a delightful photograph. Good for you for this.

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