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Michele Moore

Shepherd, MI, United States


Some seriously hungry birds just waiting for their turn at the feeders.

Birds N The Hood

11 replies on “Birds N the Hood”

Geralyn says:

What a beautiful, colorful display of birds. Looks like the favorite tree in the neighborhood!

Kathleen Eddy says:

So many birds in the same tree awesome!!

Michael Lopez says:

So beautiful picture. Very colorful.
Loved it!!!!

Janet Coulby says:

Incredible photography! Love this picture!

Tammy says:

My favorite one!!

Andrea Maria Fawaz says:

Reminds me of a Christmas tree!

Andrea wamby says:

This is a winner!

Danielle says:

What a great picture! Look at all the color!
Those birds love you!

Georgette D says:

Beautiful! You take great pictures

Miranda Fisher says:

Perfect, it’s dinner time. Gorgeous!

Paula Maxwell says:

This picture is magical. It makes winter worth it.

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