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Dale Matuza

Murrysville, PA, United States


Pileated woodpeckers have been resident in the woods around our house for many years. Always shy, they were more often heard than seen. As this resident population began to increase they became more visible, and three years ago chose to take advantage of our feeding options. The male and female frequently arrive as a pair. In late spring/early summer of each of the past three years they introduce their young to our offerings.

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Fine Dining

Male Pileated Woodpecker feeding on a suet, peanut butter, fruit, nut and sunflower mix.

2 replies on “Fine Dining”

Lorraine S LaRose says:

You’ve got my vote! Just love these woodies! This is a nice, crisp shop. I am happy for you as we have at least a pair that fly through, stop at our old Pin oak but have not yet stopped at our feeders. Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture of a beautiful bird!

Dale Matuza says:

Thank you. Much appreciated.

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