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John Krerowicz

Kenosha, WI, United States


I set up a suet feeder just outside a window of our house. I removed the window screen and the window, set up my tripod and waited. Soon, a Black-capped Chickadee landed at the feeder and began pecking away. I began taking photos. After downloading the photos to my computer, I discovered one shot had a second Chickadee hovering in the background, waiting for his turn at a meal.

First Come, First Served

First come, first served: A Black-capped Chickadee at our suet feeder ignored the impatient BCC that briefly popped up behind him.

2 replies on “First come, first served”

April says:

Wow, this is a great capture!

Olivia Gallagher says:

Great capture! Love it!

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