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Kathy Diamontopoulos

Haverhill, MA, United States


Many people find Blue Jays to be a nuisance bird. Their loud calls and bullying ways make them an unwanted guest at many feeders. I, however, love the beauty of the Jay and welcome them to my yard. Their bright blue feathers make them stand out above the rest. Yes, they can be loud but their cries can warn of a predator lurking nearby and allow other unsuspecting birds to flee the area.


Portrait Of A Beauty

Deep Thoughts

2 replies on “Portrait of a Beauty”

Excellent photo of that gorgeous bird!!! It is one of my favorite birds and I love when they visit the feeders. In my yard, THIS BIRD IS NOT BORING OR COMMON. And this photo is outstanding!!!

Paula says:

Agreed 100% I think they are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. On many occasions I have been a witness to their value as sentinel, sounding the alarm when a predator is in the area and going so far as to team up in hot pursuit of hawks, chasing them away.

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