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Denise Maples

Virginia Beach, VA, United States


During a rain shower in August, this young hummingbird landed on the tomato cage in my garden. He was having the best time flapping and swooning while the drops of rain hit him. I was shooting the pictures out from my opened kitchen window, but it didn’t disturb him. He was in the moment and loving the shower.

Rain Dance

Humming in the Rain

8 replies on “Rain Dance”

Cristina Hartshorn says:

Fantastic shot, so expressive!

Denise Maples says:

Thanks for the comment! He was such a silly bird, but so precious to watch.

Victoria Wilmouth says:

Too cute!

Pamela Richardson says:


Carol Bluestein says:

They are amazing little birds and you caught one enjoying the rain. So adorable!

Jennifer says:

So Cute…he’s so joyful 🙂
Definitely a Bathing Beauty.

Martha J Frugard says:

What a precious shot. You have such a good eye!

Paula Maxwell says:

An image of joy!

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