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Alison Field

Chatfield State Park, Colorado 470, Littleton, CO, United States


Three fledgling Magpies were desperately trying to bathe in the damp patch of condensation from our RV A/C while we were camping. I grabbed the first thing I could find – a takeout tray- and put water in for them to bathe. All three took turns, squabbling while Momma watched from a nearby tree. A very entertaining 30 minutes!

You Saw Me Naked In The Bath???

You mean you saw me naked in the bath?

3 replies on “You saw me naked in the bath???”

Theresa Nickels says:

So Cute! Great Capture.

Doria Sharpe says:

There were so many great photos to vote for but I kept coming back to this one so it got my vote. The face on that little bird combined with the little tray of water make it a winner to me. I love it.

Excellent Photo!!! AND SO CUTE!!!!!!

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