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Aleene Jones

427 Main Street, Dunbar, PA, United States


On a cold winter day, friends came to visit.

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Species: Northern Cardinal

A Splash Of Color

A Winter Gathering

6 replies on “A Splash of Color”

Annmarie Davis says:

Wow~just gorgeous. I have a gathering of fourteen cardinals every night. They are the last birds to leave the feeders except for the 20gray doves. I am so jealous as I could never take just so perfect a photo.

Aleene J. Jones says:

Thank you Annmarie, for looking and the kind comments. Your comments made me feel as if I may have a chance, but there are so many other great photos??? keeping my fingers crossed.

Aleene,, if you keep your fingers crossed,, you wont be able to feed all of them…
A beautiful gathering.. Cheers!!!!


Aleene J. Jones says:

You make me smile….Thanks Andree.

Thanks Aleene, for the Ferrari Red Radiance of Cardinals..
Well done.

Aleene J. Jones says:

Thanks Andree, (had to uncross my fingers to type this)

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