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Jim Thompson

Hillsboro, OR, USA


I had been watching these birds for a few minutes and happened to have camera in hand. This image is one of a series of photos I captured that day. There are several shots before this of Flicker and Starling just looking at each other and sharing, like they had formed a truce.

The series is posted on YouTube if you would like to see more —

It’s fascinating to watch the behaviour at the feeder. Sometimes they share, sometimes not. It’s rarely this violent. More often than not, I see birds being patient, waiting their turn.

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Eye Witness Account Of A Birdfight, As Told By A Flicker.

Here is an eyewitness image of an eyewitness watching an unexpected attack. Observe this placid Northern Flicker watching a fight between two Starling, right before his eyes. Shortly before, Flicker and Starling had been peacefully sharing the suet..

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