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Notre bulletin intitulé <em><a href=””>Winter Bird Highlights</a></em> (en anglais seulement) présente le sommaire des résultats de la saison 2022-2023. Il est accessible en ligne.


Projet FeederWatch

Photo Submission

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Bill Siegler

Berlin, OH, United States


Twice As Nice!

Twice as nice!

21 replies on “Twice as nice!”

C.J. Irons says:

Love this pic!!!

Bill Siegler says:

Thank You!

C.J. Irons says:

Love this picture!!!

John Neitzel says:

Great picture, the color and markings on this owl are so amazing.

Bill Siegler says:

Thank You!

Paulette Wood says:


Bill Siegler says:

Thank You!

Lily Rose says:

Excellent capture!

Georgette Williams says:

It feels like Bill had a talk with the owl,told it what to do and said “action!”. Getting that one perfect shot is rare but this is beyond! Also it makes me cold seeing it.

Bill Siegler says:

Thank You Georgette!

Jane says:

Amazing to be in the right place at the right time.

Bill Siegler says:

I agree!

Beautiful shot of this magnificent owl!

Bill Siegler says:

Thank you!

Theresa Nickels says:

Great Shot!

Bill Siegler says:

Thank you!

Jim says:

Wow, what a fantastic picture !

Sharon Neitzel says:

This picture is breath taking!!

Cindy Balraj says:

Mystical …great capture

Gretchen says:

Wow! Congrats on the shot of a lifetime!

Lorraine S LaRose says:

Thank you! Simply beautiful…wish I had looked sooner to vote for this photo…got my dates messed up.

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