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Ashley Park

Germantown, TN, USA


Been bird watching most of my life and frequently read bird publications. In all my years have Never seen a picture of a yellow throated warbler on a bird feeder!!…In the winter of 2015 however, western Tn experienced a very mild winter season except for a short cold spell in January when….I surprisingly saw a yellow throated warbler eating peanuts on my feeder…a species of bird that was far removed from its normal wintering
Territory of southern Florida/ Central America

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One reply on “WINTER WONDER”

Ashley Park says:

I might add that after spotting the yellow throated warbler I was intentional in contacting Cornell Ornithology of my sighting and if my memory serves me correctly there had only been one other recording of a yellow throated warbler during the winter months in Tn which was recorded in the eastern part of the state.

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