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Macomb, Michigan, USA


European Starlings can be a challenge to the backyard birder, but they are part of the birding life, and also of rather exquisite beauty. I liked this shot of the back because it shows all the beautiful details of their winter plumage, shining in gorgeous, warm and rich colors. A beautiful mess.

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A Beautiful Mess

17 replies on “A beautiful mess”

Miles Thompson says:

another great shot captured.

Brianna Camillucci says:

Very beautiful 🙂 love your bird photos

Love the gorgeous details!

I love your photos! Great job!!!

Angela Thomassen says:

Beautiful ❤️

Sasha Barker says:

You have made me look at starlings in a whole new way ever since you first captured their unique plumage. Thank you.

Isabel Anderson says:

What a beautiful photograph

Karen says:

Love this shot. Great capture

Amy says:


Bärbel Liehr says:

Ein wundervolles Gemälde!

Kathy Wehmeyer says:

Incredible picture!!

Helon Loep says:

Getting to know birds up close & personal has added so much joy to my life. Look closely, aren’t his feathers beautiful.

Ostdrossel says:

Thanks you for the kind words, everyone 🙂

Ostdrossel says:

*Thank you, not thanks you.

Ostdrossel says:

*thank you, that is.

Richard Ma says:

can I ask what kind of camera do you use and how did you set it up?

Ostdrossel says:

Richard, you can check out my social media, I have added some info there.

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