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Janelle McDonald

Hickory, NC, USA


A year ago I told my husband I thought I saw a white and brown chickadee and then I quickly convinced myself I was seeing things and it must have been a brown headed nuthatch. A few months ago my husband said he saw the chickadee at 7:30 in the morning and I just nodded and went on to work. The next day he is up and outside at 7 am waiting for the chickadee to show so he could snap a picture. I told him I didn’t think birds had a schedule but good luck with that. On the way to work he sent me the picture and was so proud that he caught that fast little chickadee. Since then our little white Carolina Chickadee has been a frequent visitor to our feeders and he does in fact come at all times of the day.

Our Little White Chickadee

6 replies on “Our little white Chickadee”

Kristy says:


Sherri says:

Great picture!

Bob says:

Never seen one like that

Sheila says:

Pretty bird.

K McDonald says:

I have never seen one before. A rare sighting!

Rose says:


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