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Pam Garcia

Mansfield La,USA


Two orchard orioles ready for some jelly!!



AWARD WINNER: Category 1: People\'s Choice

13 replies on “Sharing”

Carolyn Bossier says:

This is only one of her beautiful pictures. She captures the most lifelike pictures, you feel like you could touch them and they would move. She is very talented.

Letha says:

Beautiful pictures

Georgia Curie says:

Pam Garcia is the best! She really captures amazing bird AND animal pictures!!

Brenda Brown says:

She takes beautiful photos. This is just one of many beautiful

Cherri Darden says:

Awesome photography!! All your pics are amazing♥️

Deborah Stengel says:

She out does herself with her amazing photos. They make you smile, or think aww or even give you a laugh . Pam 👏

glenda shelton says:

She takes the most incredible pictures I have ever seen.

Peggy says:

Takes the most beautiful bird pictures ad well as others..

Peggy says:

She takes lovely pictures, birds and others..

Glenda says:

Awesome photo – all of Pam’s photos are marvelous. She has a gift with the camera and with birds and animals too!

Ann price says:

Pam does a great job taking beautiful pictures.

Glenda Broughton says:

Pam makes such amazing pictures. Just awesome!

Laura says:

Congratulations, Pam, this is a beautiful photo!

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