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Vicki Johnson

Coon Rapids, MN, USA


Downy with buff/brown discoloration on plumage



Buff Colored Downy Woodpecker

Female downy woodpecker with buff and brown plumage.

2 replies on “Buff Colored Downy Woodpecker”


ZOW! Thanks SO much! A similar bird has been on our peanut feeder. I was thinking it was a Downey, but uncertain.

C. Pilzn says:

There is a buff colored male Downy that comes to the suet and peanut feeders in my yard in Michigan. The white on the other Downies is a very bright clean white, but the buff downy remains the same “off color” even in bright light with no shadows. I have seen such a buff colored Downy in the yard for at least 3 years. I cannot determine if it is the same bird or a different one that I am seeing each year but it appears on a regular basis.

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