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Jen Snyder

Tualatin, OR, USA


I’ve attached two pictures of one of the dark-eyed juncos that comes to my feeder that has very unusual plumage – a lot more white mottling on the back than is typical for the juncos I see.



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Species: Dark-eyed Junco

Dark-eyed Junco With Unusual Plumage

I have a number of dark-eyed juncos that come to my feeder, but this fellow has unusual plumage - the mottled white on his back is unlike any of the other juncos

5 replies on “Dark-eyed Junco with unusual plumage”

Texas Bird Family says:

This bird is leucistic. Meaning that some of its feather lack pigment.

Delanne Ferguson says:

We have a junco with the top of his head irregular white. Posting since we’re in Pendleton, not too far as the bird flies, from Tualatin. I was a wildlife bio and said to my husband, “Hey, there’s a melanistic bird!”

No luck with a photo so far.

Kay Steele says:

There has been a leucistic junco with a mostly white head at my neighbor’s feeders for months now. We are near the Umatilla-Grant Counties area between the North Fork and Middle Fork of the John Day Rivers.

Carla Krohn says:

I have a dark-eyed junco with patches of white on its head and one wing. Everything else seems typical. Kinda bossy with the others!

Clarksville Arkansas. January 12, 2024

Sue says:

We have a similar bird in Selah, Wa. Appears to be a Junco, has mottled head feathers, a little more pinkish sides than the others.

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