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Helen Wiggins

Wasilla, AK, United States


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Downy Woodpeckers W/bright Yellow Markings

Male downy woodpecker w/yellow dorsal tail feathers. Have seen both male and female (pic of female also attached, who has more yellow). Female also seen last year.

7 replies on “Downy woodpeckers w/bright yellow markings”

Randal L Osgood says:

I’ve seen them too! I had a male yesterday, and today the female visited my feeders.

Gretchen sullivan says:

I have two at my suet feeder .

Gretchen Sullivan says:

I have two at my suet feeder in Millersburg, Ohio. White front is yellowish, and possibly on head. Tail feathers very visible when flying.

Cindy Brown says:

I have them, as well. They have have carved out a hole in my house!

Julie Hagen says:

I just took a photo today of a little male downy and the yellow is quite prominent next to his red on his head. I was quite surprised. Western Washington.

Sonda Moody-McCarthy says:

I am in Massachusetts and I have them here for the first time. No red markings at all.

Linda E. Neville says:

We have a pair of yellow and black Downy -sized birds . One has a small red patch back of head. So we believe we have a pair at our suet cake. First seen May 10, 2023 in Clarksburg, MA

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