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Diane Gallagher-McVey

Warrenton, OR, USA


This handsome male Oregon race Dark Eyed Junco has come to my feeders intermittently for the last 3 seasons and occasionally throughout the year. His head is brilliant cream/white rimmed with black; he sports a creamy white collar and throat patch. He sometimes appears alone but usually with other DEJUs. I’ve taken numerous photos and videos of him (unfortunately only through windows that are usually clouded by rain, salt and sand in our coastal location). The videos show his patterns more clearly as he hops around on deck eating black oil sunflower, the only seed I feed, but I don’t know if they would transmit

WHY will your species tag below not accept dark eyed junco as a correct species name, with or without caps? Very frustrating!


Leucistic birds

Gorgeous Junco

One reply on “Gorgeous junco”

Texas Bird Family says:

To answer your question, you need to write Dark-eyed Junco. Not Dark eyed Junco. You need a – in between dark and eyed.

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