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Alison Curtis

Gooderham, ON, Canada


This male hairy is a regular visitor to our feeder. His bill is noticeably longer than that of other hairys, perhaps 1/3. It is quite obvious when more than one of them are at the feeder (am still trying to get a good photo of him and another bird together than shows both bills …)


Deformed bill


Hairy Woodpecker With Long Bill

10 replies on “Hairy Woodpecker with long bill”

Linda Robinson says:

I have the same long billed hairy. Much longer than any books and online pictures. I live northern NH.

florence remmell says:

yesterday (4/1/2021)i saw one like this and thought it was weird…seemed twice as long as a regular one. I’m located in plainfield, VT

Karen says:

We have a “regular” Hairy at my feeder whose beak is approximately 3” long. I cannot find any info online.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Karen, Please check out our Unusual Birds page here, we have a section on deformed bills.

Amy Murphy says:

I have one here in Central Minnesota. Likes to peck all the seed out of the feeders.

Roger Miller says:

We’ve had one visit a few times recently. His bill is about 3″ long as well. We are in northern Illinois.

Jeannie Bird says:

I’ve noticed for the first time ever, a Hairy Woodpecker with a bill longer than usual. Location Sutton, Quebec close to Vermont border.

Angela says:

I have photos of our feeder visitor with a very long hill.

Kathi Douglas says:

I have one here, between Kinmount, Ontario and Gooderham. It’s bill is much longer than it’s mates. Not sure if male or female. Maybe it is an evolutionary adaption cause there seems to be quite a few of these reports.

Andrea Purvis says:

We have one as well in Mound City, Kansas

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