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Alison Curtis

Gooderham, ON, Canada


This male hairy is a regular visitor to our feeder. His bill is noticeably longer than that of other hairys, perhaps 1/3. It is quite obvious when more than one of them are at the feeder (am still trying to get a good photo of him and another bird together than shows both bills …)


Deformed bill


Hairy Woodpecker With Long Bill

6 replies on “Hairy Woodpecker with long bill”

Linda Robinson says:

I have the same long billed hairy. Much longer than any books and online pictures. I live northern NH.

florence remmell says:

yesterday (4/1/2021)i saw one like this and thought it was weird…seemed twice as long as a regular one. I’m located in plainfield, VT

Karen says:

We have a “regular” Hairy at my feeder whose beak is approximately 3” long. I cannot find any info online.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Karen, Please check out our Unusual Birds page here, we have a section on deformed bills.

Amy Murphy says:

I have one here in Central Minnesota. Likes to peck all the seed out of the feeders.

Roger Miller says:

We’ve had one visit a few times recently. His bill is about 3″ long as well. We are in northern Illinois.

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