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Alice Kahn

Tesuque, NM, United States


While on vacation in N. Mexico I fed birds. This house finch showed up with a flock of normal looking feathers. It seems perfectly healthy, but has white head feathers.


House Finch With White Head Feathers

House finch with white head feathers.

2 replies on “House finch with white head feathers”

Leann says:

I have had one of those birds in my yard since December of last year. Another one just showed up yesterday. The first one only eats seeds from the ground and the second one eats from the ground and both feeders. I have black oil sunflower seeds in one feeder and wild bird food in another. I live in East Texas. I have named the first one Baby Eagle. Don’t know what I’m gonna name the second one. So cute!

Molly Meeker says:

I haave one that showed up first about a week ago. It’s at the feeder now. Looks just like a red and brown house finch, but everywhere they are normally red — the head and back — this one is white.

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