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Colleen Stabolepszy

Grand Junction, CO, USA


This bird is a daily visitor to our yard. He is a bit aggressive at the feeder and usually pushes off other birds trying to feed next to him, but not always. He spends a lot of time in the aspen tree near the feeder and bird bath.


Deformed bill


House Finch With Growth Above Beak

2 replies on “House finch with growth above beak”

Barbie says:

Is this avian pox? I had similarly affected female house finch in summer 2020 & my heart broke watching her. Also I had to bleach feeders literally on daily basis to minimize spread. She passed away during the heat wave in August. 😢

Shayna says:

I was thinking pox too. How did you figure out the Finch passed away? 😢

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