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Dawn Miller

Millington, Maryland, USA


This guy showed up about a week before I took the photo through a window. I took this photograph march 28, 2021. He is slightly larger than the Common Grackles with whom he shares my feeders. He has returned several times this week. His eye is black and the white markings are irregular. Does anyone know who he is? I am on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA.


Leucistic birds

Mystery Bird

A Stranger in Town - Do you know this bird?

3 replies on “Mystery bird”

Arlo says:

Is it some sort of Eurasian crow or something?
If not is it a Partial albino crow.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Dawn, This is a Common Grackle with a pigment abnormality, likely leucism or pie-baldism. You can learn more about these color variants here.

Elizabeth says:

Ornithologist here! This is a Collared Crow. It’s from China and likely either an escaped pet or one who has flown severely off course.

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