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Dave Ebel

Ringoes, East Amwell Township, New Jersey, United States


I snapped a few photos of this Junco on a cloudy day in low-light conditions as it scampered around the area under the bird feeder with other Juncos. It was mid-February 2015 when I spotted this bird



Pied Dark-eyed Junco

This is the left-side view of this bird (I also attached the right-side view). I is interesting when you see the two pictures that the dark color seems to "swirl" around the head. I took this picture in mid-February 2015. It was cloudy and the lighting was not very bood.

One reply on “Pied Dark-eyed Junco”

Cathryn Kasper says:

There has been a very similar pied dark-eyed Junco at our feeder since December ’22, a regular visitor.
The one here has white cheeks, a white belly, and a yellow beak. It seems to be healthy and lively, coming up to the feeder to get black oil sunflower seeds.
Corvallis, OR
February 6, 2023

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