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Martha Gordon

North Salem, NY, United States


A Cardinal with a pale pink wings and crest , with a gray white body. It is missing the black feathers.


Unusal Colored Cardinal

This unusual cardinal has been at my feeder since the beginning of November.

4 replies on “Unusal colored cardinal”

Amie Lomax says:

Is it possibly that this cardinal is molting? I had a similar looking group at my house for months, however; I think the molting happens during the summer months, but I could be wrong. I haven’t seen any with this much white on them though- very cool.

Brandy Stanford says:

This is the female northern Cardinal

Boo Watson says:

I don’t think it’s a female. I have just encountered THIS site because I have a new male cardinal at my feeder and he has unusual coloration- a lot of light coloured feathers, especially around his collar. Definitely not a female. Early October. He’s also unusually gregarious. Possibly a bit of albinism?

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Boo, this is probably leucism (partial albinism).

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