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Louise Sobing

Cossayuna, NY, USA


in the 2017 -2018 Feeder watch season this white Goldfinch was with the flock that frequented my feeders.
I now have technical ability to send the photos.


Leucistic birds

White & Black Goldfinch

7 replies on “white & black Goldfinch”

Bella says:

spotted 8/11 & 8/12/2020 Jonas Ridge, NC

Volle says:

Today, May 5 2021, there has been a beautiful white and black, Gold Finch, joining the finches on my porch feeder, this is the first time I have ever seen one. It is really beautiful.

Kathy Ganstrom says:

Spotted one eating zinnia seeds. Nov. 5, 2022
Seneca, KS

Karina Hanes says:

I love in Ottawa Canada and I have a little beauty like this one at my feeder for the last month or so .. it comes with all the goldfinches I have.

Paulette Williams says:

I have one coming to my feeders in Fayetteville, TN. I never knew white and black goldfinches existed. He first came a few months ago but didn’t stay long. Hoping he will stay this time.

Jean says:

Have a white & black gold finch visiting w/ the yellow gold finches today. 1st. One I’ve ever seen! Whst a beauty!

Dalaina Grigsby says:

I had a black and white Goldfinch at my feeder today in College Place, WA. What a cutie!

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