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Nancy Shephard

Granger, IN, United States


Cardinal with white coloring.


White Cardinal

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Keri Stockton says:

I spotted a white cardinal in my backyard, with the dozens of other Cardinals. Dentsville, Maryland. 08-23-18. I then after found a feather belonging to it. Gray, white with red tips.

Joan Swafford says:

I spotted a white carnival at my feeder today. 12/15/18. Besutiful.

Joan Swafford says:

I forgot to tell my location. I am 7 miles east of Anniston Alabama.

Joan Swafford says:

The beautiful white cardinal was at my feeder again this today. I’ve tried to get its photo, but I am to slow. 7 miles east of Anniston Alabama.

Don McQuillan says:

Spotted a white cardinal in our backyard on Christmas morning 12/25/18 . Quite an amazing site. Seen In suburban Philadelphia, PA – 5 miles from Philly International Airport.

Don McQuillan says:

Spotted a White cardinal in our backyard Christmas morning. Quite an amazing sight.
Seen in suburban Philadelphia, PA about 5 miles from Philly International Airport.

SD Jackson says:

I spotted a White Cardinal in my yard this morning.

In Pocahontas, TN

Donna price says:

I spotted a white Cardinal in my yard today, most amazing bird I have ever seen.

Susan Neff says:

It started again today. For the 3rd year in a row, a little white Cardinal visits my house and pecks on my window glass. It’s so strange! It’s at various 1st floor windows and different times of day, but usually later mornings. It pecks for less than 5 minutes and then gone till the next day. I would enjoy it much more if I could understand what’s going on. Anyone have knowledge or a good guess? Thanks. (I’m in Wabash, Indiana)

Ava Johnson says:

It could be territorial behavior. It might be seeing it’s reflection and thinking its another bird.

Dianne Smith says:

We saw a white cardinal in Kennesaw National Park yesterday (3/1/2019) in Marietta, GA. It was beautiful.

Saw a white cardinal at the feeder today, have seen it in December also. Cincinnati ohio.

Ronna Reif says:

I just had a white cardinal land on my trellis and then to t he fence. I never knew, but it makes sense. Albino cardinals? Spartanburg, SC

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Ronna, Albinism is a genetic mutation that prevents the production of melanin, it is not specific to any one species. You can learn more about color variations in birds on our Unusual Birds page:

Ava Johnson says:

Almost every creature in the animal kingdom can be leucistic or albino. Leucism is basically partial albinism.

Kenneth Gray says:

Never heard of this before, but we just had a white cardinal perch in front of our picture window and stare at us for a few minutes. Very pretty, Commack, NY

Ken says:

Spotted a white cardinal at the bird feeder today.
I’m located in the greater St. Louis Metro region. It’s a SIGN. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals are going all the way this year!!

Lana says:

Cardinals havebeen thought of as messangers from Heaven for a long time now. Had a dream of a pure white cardinal last night, never knew they exsisted so looked it up (why Im on this site)
Intresting.. and most of the posts here are recent. hmmm
Heaven trying to get our attention 🙂


10/3/2019 saw a beautiful white cardinal today in the top of my apple tree near my feeder-very white with red crest and tail-Brandon, Ms.

Janet says:

I dreamt about white cardinals last night. In my dream, i felt amazed. Reading these posts, I am amazed…

Barb Thoroughman says:

Amazing pictures of white cardinals! I heard about them on the radio on “Science Friday”. So I looked them up on line. They’re so beautiful! – Placerville,

Carol Caho says:

I spotted a pure white cardinal in my backyard with a red mate very beautiful. Tecumseh, OK

Jack Lindahl says:

I just saw a cardinal that was very bright red, and had some bright yellow feathers on its lower back. I didn’t have my binoculars, but I’m certain it was a cardinal; it was hanging out with several other, normal colored, cardinals. Very odd!

Jill Cain says:

I saw a white cardinal with a little red on its wings this morning at the edge of our woods in Roanoke, VA.
January 25, 2020

Suns Mendel says:

Saw a leucitic cardinal in Huntsville, AL today. 2/8/2020

Bob Connett says:

I spotted a white cardinal in Columbia City IN today. What an awesome sight. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Rosalie Calloway says:

We are having fun watching our white cardinal. It is almost always with iis bright red mate. So we are guessing it’s a she. When they raise babies, what are probabilites one or more will be white?

Leon Dickerman says:

I just spotted a white cardinal and I thought I was daydreaming. I am in Montreal, Canada

ed smith says:

Dan Walker,
I saw the albino Cardinal in Brandon, MS about two weeks ago. I was running on Scenic Drive just below Grant’s Ferry and Campfire Circle. I pointed it out to a girl walking her dog. Neither of us even knew such a bird existed. I just googled this site up on impulse and found your message.

Toni says:

Saw a white cardinal at our bird feeders today June 20 2020 in Florence Kentucky. We sit out here every day in good weather and have never seen one before – so surprising and beautiful!

Marie Pent says:

I just saw a cardinal in my yard. All white. Amazing. Sat for awhile and watched me. Jackson, California.

Sue says:

We just saw a beautiful white cardinal in our yard Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. It arrived late afternoon with a male, shortly after I set out the bird feeders and lingered on the deck.

Jim Burleyson says:

We have had a White Cardinal at our seed feeder for 2 days. He is gorgeous! We live in Sevierville Tn.

Mark Ross says:

We saw and photographed a White Cardinal several times at our feeder at the first of February. It was with about 20 other Cardinals. We live in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, Wellsburg. Beautiful!

Todd Dreher says:

I’m not saying it is but it almost looks like a tuffed titmouse.

Ava Johnson says:

lol. Definitely not one but it does sort of look like one

Karen says:

Just spotted an albino cardinal in my yard in Norteast Philadelphia today. Too fast to get a picture.

Gabriel A Bruner says:

I have a white cardinal that lives very nearby and I see him daily in my backyard. We love him

Trish Slaski says:

White cardinal at feeders on back deck today, 2/24/2022 – Manassas, Virginia
Didn’t get phone camera in time 🙁 Hope it comes back!

Butch Olstad says:

Saw a white cardinal at my backyard feeder today. I got a feeling my mother was present and she wanted me to know all is good… 1/28/2023 – Greenfield, Minnesota

Gina Edwards says:

We spotted a white cardinal in our yard several times this fall/winter of 2022. Today was seen again Altus, Arkansas

Bea Shapiro says:

Saw a white Cardinal for the third time this fall at my bird feeder Was finally able to. identify it by the size & little tuft on the top of its head. It is a sheer joy to watch.

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