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Alice Sudduth

Davidson, NC, United States


Have seen this bird at my feeders several times this winter.



White Headed House Finch

House Finch with white head.

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  • Barbara Ballinger says:

    A male leucistic house finch has been showing up at my feeder, too.

  • Bob & Laurel Musgrave says:

    A white headed finch come to our Gresham, OR feeder this spring and has flocked with the other house finches. The other finches accept this bird, it is neither dominant or subordinate of the other finches. There is only one.

  • D. Tyler says:

    I have a white headed finch flocked with the house finches at my place in Oakland, CA.

  • Gayle Shuler says:

    I just had a white-headed finch at my feeder. It’s December in Utah!

  • LAURA LAKIN says:

    I had a white-headed finch at the bird feeder on December 28, 2015 Albuquerque NM 87120

  • Kath says:

    There is an actual breed of Finch with a full white head. I think that the above photo is that from pictures posted online. What I have coming to our feeder is a Finch with a small white cap on the top of it’s head and a white throat,- places that are usually pink. I think it is a mutant Finch bit cannot find any information on-line about it!

    • Debbi says:

      I have one too. Mine is a female House Finch. She has a mate so it will be interesting to see what the chicks look like! I live in MD north of Annapolis.

  • Diane B. says:

    Waterford Wisconsin, Bald Headed Finch at my feeder, too.

  • Margaret Emerson says:

    We live in Fort Mill, sc and have an active feeding station for the last 4 years. 3 days ago a white headed house finch showed up at our feeder. First time ever and what a treat

  • Susan Blackford says:

    I just had a white headed finch land at my saflower feeder. 11/16/16 Sussex Wisconsin

  • Karen says:

    Watching a white headed finch at my feeder, Nov. 21, 2016.. Volcano, Hawaii. :). Saw him this morning as well.

  • Diane levan says:

    White headed finch at my sunflower feeder for 2 winters. Brimfield,OH

  • Mike Short says:

    White headed finch here in Boulder, CO. 0900, 1/21/17. First time we have ever seen it.

  • Carol says:

    I have one too, michigan

  • Jacqueline Bolles says:

    White headed finch at my feeder in Altadena CA,91001, 2/12/2017

  • Jim Hawkins says:

    First I have ever seen one too.
    Here in Gallatin Tennessee
    With many other finches

  • Ginger Hostetler says:

    Aurora, Colorado. February 2017 We’ve seen the white headed finch with the rosy breast for several years from time to time. only one travels with the house finches. Today we saw two. one looked smaller and no rosy breast. Maybe the baby?

  • Michael Orlowski says:

    White headed finch at our feeder in Spring Hill, TN March 16, 2007. The first time we’ve seen one. He was white all over.

  • Ed Burton says:

    Have one at Grand Chute, Wisconsin.
    I didn’t know what it was and found this link on a web search.
    I saw it last summer 2016, and again today May, 6, 2017
    It is living with a bunch of House Finches

  • Julia Woolard says:

    We just saw the house finch with the white head. It looks marking wise like a female house finch with a very white head..
    So seems it is a leucistic house cool!! We live east of Indianapolis, in Greenfield, Indiana. Same house for 39 years…this is a life list sighting. Will post photo..does not stay still very long.

  • Lorraine Foster says:

    I feed the birds every 2nd morning and today I saw a white headed finch amongst the other birds. We live on Cromwell. New Zealand

  • Lorraine Foster says:

    Today I saw a white headed finch. We live in Cromwell New Zealand. Are these common in NZ.

  • Judy Wallace says:

    Saw a White Headed Finch at our Feeder and birdbath. He was with a group of other Finches! Looked like his little head got dunked in a pot of white paint! Saw him in the afternoon of Sep. 17, 2017 Old Station Ca.

  • Dawn Walker says:

    Just saw one in kalispell montana. October, 2017

  • Craig Stoker says:

    We have one at our feeder this morning, (11-4-17) with house finches. First time. Near Sand Lake Michigan.

  • Sarah Nordquist says:

    Just had white headed house finch – female at feeder. Have never seen one before.

  • Craig Stoker says:

    Got several photos of what looks like a white headed house finch at our feeders today. Would send them but not sure how to do so.

  • Gary Anderson says:

    We had a white headed finch with a group of house finches at our feeders yesterday and again this morning. It’s markings are like a female but has mostly white head. Red Deer Ab

  • BeeBuzz says:

    Oxford OH;; A white headed house finch appeared at our feeder this year; Saw it for the first time 2 or three weeks ago.Have seen it 2 or 3 times now

  • Jennifer says:

    We have one at our feeder in Columbus, OH. First saw him about a week ago and he came back today. 🙂

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