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Alice Sudduth

Davidson, NC, United States


Have seen this bird at my feeders several times this winter.



White Headed House Finch

House Finch with white head.

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Barbara Ballinger says:

A male leucistic house finch has been showing up at my feeder, too.

Donna Rae Avery says:

I have had a white headed finch at my feeder two years now. Just got a close picture of her outside my studio window on Oct 29, 2022. Would like to post but can’t see were to.

Terry Gorman says:

First time Ive ever seen this pretty bird at my feeders… he is traveling with gold finches, purple finches, sparrows and bluebirds. I live in So Jersey….2/17/24

Bob & Laurel Musgrave says:

A white headed finch come to our Gresham, OR feeder this spring and has flocked with the other house finches. The other finches accept this bird, it is neither dominant or subordinate of the other finches. There is only one.

D. Tyler says:

I have a white headed finch flocked with the house finches at my place in Oakland, CA.

Gayle Shuler says:

I just had a white-headed finch at my feeder. It’s December in Utah!


I had a white-headed finch at the bird feeder on December 28, 2015 Albuquerque NM 87120

Kath says:

There is an actual breed of Finch with a full white head. I think that the above photo is that from pictures posted online. What I have coming to our feeder is a Finch with a small white cap on the top of it’s head and a white throat,- places that are usually pink. I think it is a mutant Finch bit cannot find any information on-line about it!

Debbi says:

I have one too. Mine is a female House Finch. She has a mate so it will be interesting to see what the chicks look like! I live in MD north of Annapolis.

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Kath, I believe that this is leucism. Leucism is the partial loss of pigments in an animal, which results in white or pale coloration.

Caroline Rider says:

That is exactly what I have here in Staatsburg, NY now in April: house finch with abt 5 white patches on the head and.neck, rest pink/purple….

Diane B. says:

Waterford Wisconsin, Bald Headed Finch at my feeder, too.

Margaret Emerson says:

We live in Fort Mill, sc and have an active feeding station for the last 4 years. 3 days ago a white headed house finch showed up at our feeder. First time ever and what a treat

Annette Webb says:

I lived in fort mill sc in the fallbrook community in regent park for 10 Years ‘05 -‘15.
I am back in NY in East Hampton and I have a white head finch at my feeder Feb. ‘2018

Chris says:

We juat saw one in Hunt, TX

Susan Blackford says:

I just had a white headed finch land at my saflower feeder. 11/16/16 Sussex Wisconsin

Karen says:

Watching a white headed finch at my feeder, Nov. 21, 2016.. Volcano, Hawaii. :). Saw him this morning as well.

Diane levan says:

White headed finch at my sunflower feeder for 2 winters. Brimfield,OH

Mike Short says:

White headed finch here in Boulder, CO. 0900, 1/21/17. First time we have ever seen it.

Carol says:

I have one too, michigan

Jacqueline Bolles says:

White headed finch at my feeder in Altadena CA,91001, 2/12/2017

Jim Hawkins says:

First I have ever seen one too.
Here in Gallatin Tennessee
With many other finches

Ginger Hostetler says:

Aurora, Colorado. February 2017 We’ve seen the white headed finch with the rosy breast for several years from time to time. only one travels with the house finches. Today we saw two. one looked smaller and no rosy breast. Maybe the baby?

Michael Orlowski says:

White headed finch at our feeder in Spring Hill, TN March 16, 2007. The first time we’ve seen one. He was white all over.

Ed Burton says:

Have one at Grand Chute, Wisconsin.
I didn’t know what it was and found this link on a web search.
I saw it last summer 2016, and again today May, 6, 2017
It is living with a bunch of House Finches

Julia Woolard says:

We just saw the house finch with the white head. It looks marking wise like a female house finch with a very white head..
So seems it is a leucistic house cool!! We live east of Indianapolis, in Greenfield, Indiana. Same house for 39 years…this is a life list sighting. Will post photo..does not stay still very long.

Lorraine Foster says:

I feed the birds every 2nd morning and today I saw a white headed finch amongst the other birds. We live on Cromwell. New Zealand

Lorraine Foster says:

Today I saw a white headed finch. We live in Cromwell New Zealand. Are these common in NZ.

Judy Wallace says:

Saw a White Headed Finch at our Feeder and birdbath. He was with a group of other Finches! Looked like his little head got dunked in a pot of white paint! Saw him in the afternoon of Sep. 17, 2017 Old Station Ca.

Dawn Walker says:

Just saw one in kalispell montana. October, 2017

Craig Stoker says:

We have one at our feeder this morning, (11-4-17) with house finches. First time. Near Sand Lake Michigan.

Sarah Nordquist says:

Just had white headed house finch – female at feeder. Have never seen one before.

Craig Stoker says:

Got several photos of what looks like a white headed house finch at our feeders today. Would send them but not sure how to do so.

Gary Anderson says:

We had a white headed finch with a group of house finches at our feeders yesterday and again this morning. It’s markings are like a female but has mostly white head. Red Deer Ab

BeeBuzz says:

Oxford OH;; A white headed house finch appeared at our feeder this year; Saw it for the first time 2 or three weeks ago.Have seen it 2 or 3 times now

Jennifer says:

We have one at our feeder in Columbus, OH. First saw him about a week ago and he came back today. 🙂

Suzanne says:

I saw one at our feeder here in Selah, Wa. several days ago and he is back. He sure stands out alongside the sparrows.

Jaime T says:

White headed house finch seen for a few weeks now at my feeders in Durham, NC. I call it my little tiny bald eagle. 🙂

Polly Dupree says:

We’ve seen one several times at our feeder over the past 2 weeks. We are in New Hill 8 miles south of Apex, NC

nancy Allen says:

i have a white headed finch at my feeder in Savannah GA

Mary Ann Landis says:

We have had one feeding for about a month. Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in Beaver County

Pat Burns says:

Have been seeing one at our feeder in West Milford NJ for the past several days.

Nancy selander says:

Just had a white headed finch feeding here in St. Paul Minnesota. I have never seen one before.

Kathleen Rogers says:

We had a white headed finch tonight Omar our feeder. Sunnyside, WA

Monica De Simone says:

We had a white headed finch at our feeder this morning, Newtown Square PA

We did also in Bethlehem, PA. First one we have seen at our feeder station.

Vickie Crysler says:

I had a white headed finch at my house in Portageville, MO this morning. I first saw it in a tree. Then I put safflower seed on our fence and it came down to eat along with some other finches and cardinals. Actually, I thought one of the finches had gotten into someone’s white paint! Then I looked it up and was surprised to see others have seen them as well, all over the country!

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Vickie, I believe that Finch has leucism. Leucism is the partial loss of pigments in an animal, which results in white or pale coloration.

Jane says:

One is at our feeder, right after a big thunderstorm. Possibly also a mate. Oak Park IL just west of Chicago.

MT says:

At my feeder today, Phx AZ

At my feeder yesterday. Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Jerry Wade says:

White Headed Finch on our back yard feeder with other finches November 5, 2018 about 8am. it was here about a month ago as well. Yreka, CA

Gary Evenson says:

I’ve noticed one showing up and feeding on the thistle socks with the goldfinches and other finches here in north New Jersey. Also showed up a few times over summer and seems to mingle well with other the others while feeding.

Carol Strome says:

Just saw a whited headed, white breasted sparrow or finch at my feeder. It didn’t stay long and I was so surprised that I didn’t get a good ID.

John Diercks says:

Just saw my first ever white headed small bird. Assuming it was white headed finch as it was eating at thistle feeder with other finches. Metrowest MA

Joseph Weinel says:

We have a female finch with a white patch on the side of her head. Is this a white finch or some type of unusual plumage variation.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Joseph, Your bird likely has a plumage variation.You can learn more about Albinism, Leucism, and Piebaldism on our Unusual Birds page.

Machiel says:

White headed finch on my feeder this morning. Never seen it before. Fort Mill, SC

Brad says:

White-headed bird briefly seen on a feeder last week. Finch with leucism?
Fallston, Md

Kate Pitrone says:

Chardon, Ohio on January 3, we had this bird at our feeder. I’ve been trying to find out what it is and since it isn’t supposed to be here, couldn’t until I googled a description.

Kira Beckham says:

I just had one of these at my new feeder. Absolutely beautiful with the red breast but white head. He was hanging out with other house finch, goldfinch and chickadees. Absolutely beautiful.

Auggie says:

I have one as well..Hesperia CA

Krys says:

Had a female house finch whose head was 90% white visit my feeder in Harrisonburg VA. First appeared on 1/13 when we had snow (so I initially thought that was snow on her head). Then had her return daily 1/26-1/30 (no snow any of those days) with her male house finch to the backyard feeder. Same 90% white pattern on her head. Interesting comment chain here so wanted to add this East Coast sighting.

Thomas Trigg LUPHER says:

A white-headed house finch (?) has been coming to my feeder the past week or so, along with many American goldfinches and pine siskins. Not sure if it is a house finch or a pine siskin with a white head. The streaks on the breast are subdued compared to the siskins. Thought maybe it is a male house finch who hasn’t gotten his red feathers in. I have several photos not real good light. Today is February 11, 2019.

Mel says:

February 15, 2019
Paradise, California. Male House Finch with a white head has been visiting feeders for about a week.

Julie says:

This white-headed finch was spotted on our feeder in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Never seen one before! Beautiful!

Patricia Knudsen says:

I’ve seen one at my feeder in Ingram Texas this past week

Krys says:

Saw the same female finch with a white head again today at our feeder (which mainly has sunflower seeds). We hadn’t seen her since late Jan/early Feb. She’s been back visiting the feeder daily with a male house finch (he has normal male house finch markings) over this past week. The pair’s visits seem connected to when it’s particularly cold/snowy here in the VA Shenandoah valley.

Jane says:

I have a white headed house finch at my feeder in Rock Hill SC this year.

Margarita Oquendo says:

I have a white finch like bird with brown feathers and a brown top head what kind of bird would it be I can’t seem to find any like it any where and I would like to breed it it came with a partner but one die what can I do

Deb says:

Just had white headed house finch at feederin Southern Ohio. . a first, although I have upward of 25 different birds at my various feeders

Patty says:

I just saw a white headed house finch eating at our nyjer seed feeder. We live in the northern part of Kansas City, Missouri.

Joan says:

White headed house finch here in Coeur D’Alene Idaho. It is at my sunflower seed feeder. Feeding with house finches and gold finches.

Julie Quinlan says:

I have a white capped finch at my feeder in Parker, CO. So odd, but he’s a friendly guy. I love to watch him!

Cindi says:

I have a white headed house Finch at my feeder way up here in Bellingham, Washington!

Ron says:

White Headed House Finch in Edwardsville, IL.

Deb anthony says:

San Marcos ca

Gayle says:

White head house finch at feeder near Washington Park in Denver. Delightful!

Dana Cornett says:

We have a white headed house finch we have affectionately named “Al”. We see him regularly at our home in Branson, MO.

Gail Hirn says:

The white headed finch is back in my yard feeding on an orange–just like last year in Madison, WI

Susi Huggins says:

We have a white headed finch at our feeder today. Never seen one before!

Susi Huggins says:

A white headed finch is on our feeder today in Kennesaw, GA. Never seen one before!

Trying to identify a small, finch-sized bird seen near Ridgway, CO, in piñon pine forest. Flew much like a finch. Had a black body, definitely black, with a completely white head similar to the photo above. No rosy breast, just black and white. Can’t find this bird in any identification publication.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Ashley, It is likely that you saw a bird with a pigment abnormality, as the individual in the photo above has. You can learn more about leucism and albinism here. It sounds likely that you saw a Dark-eyed Junco with one of these pigment abnormalities, as there are no birds in North America that have all-white heads and black bodies, and also live in your area of Colorado.

Jeanette Eckard says:

June, 2, 2020
I have a white headed finch on my feeder in Grayson, GA

Lisa Stevenson says:

white headed Finch at the feeder this morning, hanging out with other house finches.

Steven Ste.Croix says:

Saw a house finch moments ago with a predominantly white head. Thought I saw it yesterday but today I had a clear view with binoculars. Had all the markings of a female house finch, but for the predominantly white head.

Belinda Vasquez says:

Just saw a white headed finch at my feeder – Thursday, August 30 / 7:51am / San Diego, California. It is absolutely beautiful!

E. Bravo says:

Seeing a white headed finch (actually looks like it just has a white cap on its head) eating at our feeder along with all the other finches. (Yorktown, VA)

Crystal says:

I have one and I call it my lil bald eagle baby. Charleston, WV

Gary says:

The one at my feeder looks like this but has white wings.

Karen Coyle says:

We have a whiteheaded finch at our feeder right now in Columbia, CT

Scott says:

a white capped House Finch, Wilton NH, Dec 30 2020

Barbara James says:

A white headed house finch has been visiting my feeder in Seattle, WA. He hangs out with a flock of house finches. With his snowy white head he looks like a miniature eagle. So pretty!

CJ says:

Mine has a white head and a white breast. Is this still a white headed finch?
Rochester, NY

Dorothy says:

white headed finch flocks with house finches at feeder. yellow beak and legs.Los Angeles, California

Liz says:

Just saw my first white headed male house finch with a new flock at my feeder….avoiding a storm I am guessing. His chest is brilliant crimson, and front and back of head is bright white. Very unusual!

Liz says:

in north central AZ, at 3800ft elevation.

I saw one this morning!!! Had no idea what it was until I saw this thread!
North Little Rock, AR

Willmar, MN says:

I have had one white headed finch this year, one that was completely leucistic(almost totally drained of color) and one this morning with a white stripe on its head. All females. What’s going on?

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Willmar, white feathers in birds is not rare, but it’s certainly uncommon. You can read more about the mechanics behind it on our Color Variants webpage here.

Diane Libby says:

Saw my first white headed house finch on the ground below our feeder today. Am I the first here to report from New England? I’m in Massachusetts. Our looks almost identical to the one in the photo above. Such a cutie!

Pat F says:

I have one at my feeder now and I am in upstate NY, near Lake George.

Sara T says:

We have had white-headed finches for 2-3 years here in Fredericksburg VA. There are 2 at our feeders right now.headscare totally white.

Sara T says:

Delete “headscare totally”. Don’t know where that came from.

E says:

I’ve seen one recently at my feeder in Sacramento California. Absolutely amazing! It was skittish and I was unable to capture quality photo.

Thomas Carpenter says:

Saw one small bird at about 70 feet away, white head like an adult eagle. It was foraging with robins next door. I have never seen one like this before. Been here 50 plus years. Location Fairfield in Newark,Delaware.

Kathi Hull says:

Saw a small bird with a Snow White head near our feeder. Identified as a White Headed House Finch couldn’t get a picture before it flew away. I live in Central Texas and whatever my feeders quite often but have never seen it before. Will be watching.

Fay galloway says:

We have a lovely little white headed finch that has ate at our feeder for a you think it has a partner.we live Qualicum beach b.c.

Gerald Grzeca says:

It looks like I have a white headed finch hanging around our feeders in Hales Corners, Wis.
Thought that I had a White Headed Chirping Sparrow until I saw it fly off with several finches.


Pamela S says:

Have what appears to be a white-headed finch at our feed this morning. First time sighting. Delmar, NY

William D Hopwood says:

i also have noticed this white headed sparrow or finch since late auttum last year,and now there is another one with a brighter white head and a patch of white at the bottom of the tail end , i happen to live in phila. pa.

David Tuttle says:

I also saw a white headed male house finch today. The white covered the face ,went under the chin and around to the upper back of the head. he is hanging with about 3 dozen other House Fences and Sparrows. Swift Current ,Saskatchewan, Canada November 18, 2022.

Nancy Malefyt says:

I saw and identified a White-headed House finch at our feeder today, Nov. 19. 2022 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Never saw one here before. He stands out from the sparrows and other finches with his bright white head.

Mark Faulkner says:

We have a white-headed finch at our bird feeder in February, 2023 in Lincoln, MA 01773

VS says:

A female white-headed House Finch showed up at my feeder tray today! Harvard, Illinois.

Amber H says:

I saw this type of finch at my feeder today for the first time. Milwaukee, WI.

Vicki says:

Saw our first one tonight in Parkville, MO. Beautiful bird.

Laura U says:

We have a White headed house finch this year! First time!! Love it! I’m an avid bird watcher!

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