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River Lady

Billerica, MA, USA


White mourning dove hanging around with other mourning doves.




White Mourning Dove

White mourning dove.

2 replies on “White Mourning Dove”

Donna K Bly says:

I live in Billings, MT in a trailer court I thought they were Turtle Doves. It’s pair and they have been around my trailer for about 4 days. Do they nest in trees? I would hate to see a cat hurt them. I remember as a child my Grandfather had a pair in his yard. He said they bring Good Luck! They were the white ones just like I have. I could sure use some good luck!

Donna K Bly says:

I have always been a bird lover.The trailer court I live in won’t let us have bird feeder’s because they think the seeds fall to the ground and make weeds. I have places where little birds make their nest and I really enjoy watching them from egg to leaving the nest.Do these birds make a nest in trees or what?

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