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Gail McBride

Burnsville, NC, United States


This is a photo of a wren visiting my suet feeder. Not sure what happened to his tail, but it doesn’t seem to affect his ability to get around, or his balance.



Wren Without A Tail

5 replies on “Wren without a tail”

Kate Botelho says:

I have a Carolina wren hanging around who has little or no tail as well. We’ve named him, “Bob.” He seems healthy otherwise; maybe a hawk missed him by a, er – tail.

Williamsburg, VA

Kathy says:

I noticed my spunky little wren that hangs around is also minus his/her tail , doesn’t seem to bother him. But I miss his tail sticking straight up?

Martha Price says:

Yes, we just spotted a wren without a tail. He flies just fine but looks funny.

Nancy says:

I have a wren with a little tail too! He loves my window feeder with mealworms. The missing tail doesn’t see to inhibit him in any way. I too wonder what happened to his tail. They are so sweet, and so loud!

Think i’ll name him Stumpy. 🙂

Sher says:

I have had a wren here for 2 years, missing tail feathers, flies and seems fine.. we called it Butt Bird probably not a great name lol….

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