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Jean Vose

Nobleboro, ME, USA


This bird was spotted on 11/1/18 in North Nobleboro, ME at a feeding area. It stayed for a couple of days and then was gone.


Leucistic birds

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Species: White-throated Sparrow

Leucistic White-throated Sparrow

Leucistic White Crowned Sparrow

4 replies on “Leucistic White-throated Sparrow”

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Jean, Great find! The yellow markings remind us of a White-throated Sparrow. White-throated Sparrows also live in Maine, and can show up at feeders for short periods of time.

Karla Reab says:

I have two on a feeder out side my kitchen window. He comes 2 time a day to eat. Sunflower.

David Calleo says:

Just had one at our feeder here in Northern New Jersey

Camilla says:

We have been treated to sightings at our feeders and in the cedar shrubs here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Its breast is fully white with more white down the back.

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